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BIT PLAM App for Android!

Nov-3-2021 11:04:03 AM

Today, another milestone in the development of the BITPLAM.com platform.

Our mobile application for Android systems has been released on Google PlayStore. We invite everyone to download. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the IOS application is under preparation and will be available soon.

Download from Play Store


a Company you can trust!

Oct-20-2021 10:19:54 PM

Dear users!
It's been 34 days since the start of the bitplam.com platform! We have already successfully completed hundreds of LITE investment plans, users who joined us at the beginning! That is why many of you join us every day, making your first or next investment. The rate of return on investment for some has already reached from 236% to 270%! We have become a leading platform, characterized by impeccable reliability and fulfilled declarations of guaranteed profit. Stronger with over $ 21,000,000 of current deposit capital, we provide you with passive income every day. The sum of withdrawals for our investors has exceeded $ 3,000,000. Over 16,500 users joined us. BIT PLAM LTD- is a company you can trust! Together we are invincible!


Live Chat Support Launched!

Oct-10-2021 03:13:17 PM

Dear users!
Live Chat Support has just appeared on our website, where anyone, without launching other applications, can use our live support! Our agents are at your disposal 24/7 all days of the year! Thanks to the built-in translator, we will be able to help you in the language you speak.
At the same time, our large group on Telegram, which already includes more than 2,500 people, remains unchanged, as does the support we provide there.


Some minor improvements

Oct-10-2021 02:54:22 AM

Dear users, today we have added some minor improvements that we believe will improve your experience of using the platform.
- In your Dashbord you can see the current Date and Time in which our system is running (London UK Timezone). We hope this will help you determine exactly when you can expect a profit or a withdrawal.
- In Make a Deposit section, we have added a Profit Calculator that will help you calculate what returns on your investment can be expected from us.
- Additionally, we have slightly improved the design for mobile devices.
We adapt the platform to your needs, because you are the most important to us!



A place of satisfied investors!

Oct-8-2021 12:28:29 AM

We launched our platform just 22 days ago, and we already have 6100+ users with active deposits of $2.4M. So far, we have paid out over $316k in earnings and returns. Our Telegram group has over 2,250 users. Together, we are building a great community of satisfied investors who make their dreams come true through investing in bitplam.com. Make your Deposit and get from 4% to 5% daily net profit! Guaranteed return on investment from 220% to 300%. Are you waiting for better offer? Join our community and enjoy life with passive income!


15 days of BitPlam.com

Oct-1-2021 10:57:42 PM

Dear users, 15 days have passed since we launched probably the best passive income investment platform. Our users have already managed to earn from 64% to 80% of pure net profit in just 16 days. Such amazing earnings are available only with us! If you haven't invested yet, don't wait, don't just watch how others earn!
Some statistics: In 16 days, more than 4,200 users signed up with us, active deposits amount to over $ 1.15 million and so far we have withdrawn almost $ 170,000 in earnings. The numbers speak for themselves! We wisely manage your funds, if you have to allocate them somewhere, do it here!


BitPlam.com Started!

Sep-16-2021 12:21:55 AM

BIT PLAM LTD is proud to announce that today we are launching an asset management system, accessible to everyone, offering guaranteed passive income, in two investment plans LITE and PLUS, where you can earn daily from 4% to 5%. Additionally, we give you the option to release your deposit at any time. We also encourage you to actively participate in our referral program, where you can build a 3-level structure and receive a commission of 5% -2% -1% on each deposit and reinvestment of your referrals. Welcome on board, Please follow our social media and join our Telegram group. The numbers speak for themselves! We wisely manage your funds, if you have to allocate them somewhere, do it here!